Our products are available in
in different size formats.

  Big bales: 4 - 6 m³ per palette
  Bales: 225 litres (EN 12580)
  Sacks: 70 or 135 litres

The goods are wrapped in plastic film on a 100 x 125 cm wooden pallet.


The delivery time is usually 1 to 2 weeks after placing the order. A forklift is required to unload the pallets from the truck. Alternatively, we offer you the option of having the goods delivered and unloaded by our partner delivery company if you do not have a forklift. This will allow shorter delivery times.

Big-Bale Dosage Bunker

If you have been buying your substrate in bulk, we can advise you on the most practical and cost-effective big-bale solutions to suit your needs. We also offer you attractive terms for various big-bale dosage bunkers.